RECON 264220WA 3057 3157 3357 3457 4057 4157 White-Amber Bulb LED

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RECON 264220WA 3057 3157 3357 3457 4057 4157 White-Amber Bulb LED. 
  • 1 bulb per package
  • Amber and White illumination
  • 264220WA does not work on a 2011 or newer Superduty
Dual Color LED, Amber and White. These bulbs are sold individually which means only 1 bulb comes in each package. With these new dual color switch back LED bulbs from RECON you will finally be able to have White LED running/parking lights and Amber LED turn signals These new dual color switchback LED bulbs from RECON have been specifically designed for RECON projector headlights and also work great installed in any clear front or rear turn signal lenses. Now you can have that HID white look you want for your running lights and still be totally legal by having an amber colored turn signal and both will be all LED!!! These new dual color LED bulbs feature cutting-edge technology which enables each of the LEDs to be significantly brighter and more effective than standard SMD-type or SMT-type LEDs used in other turn signal & running light LED bulbs. How it Works: When the parking lights are on the color will be white, when the turn signal is applied the white will turn off and the amber color will blink in conjunction with the corresponding turn signal. When the turn signals have been turned off the white color will come back on. These do not work on a 2011 or newer Superduty.
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